Turtle Time Healing
In 2011, the universe called me to the practice of Reiki, a powerful healing technique that allows me to connect with the minds, bodies, and spirits of both people and their pets. A few years ago when my cat Edward fell ill, two of my friends who are Reiki practitioners offered to treat him. His response was immediate, and I was amazed by how relaxed he became in their presence.

Edward inspired me to become a Reiki practitioner, and during the subsequent months I treated him on a weekly basis. When it was finally time to say goodbye, I gave him Reiki and he fell asleep beneath my hands. I know the Reiki I shared with him made his journey to the spirit world peaceful and calm.

My training
I was trained as a Usui Reiki Practitioner by Reiki Master/Teachers David Eyerman and Liz Varney. I have given Reiki to cats and dogs, as well as people. My clients include cats with kidney and neurological disease, dogs with broken bones and stress-related ailments, and humans suffering from both physical and emotional disorders.

Reiki with animals
Reiki with animals is slightly different then Reiki with people. It is unlikely an animal will hop onto a massage table and lay down (although it has happened!). Obtaining permission to proceed with a Reiki treatment is done based on the animal's behavioral response to being asked permission to give Reiki. Sessions with animals often begin by putting my hands at a distance above the animal. As the animal begins to relax, my hands will draw closer and eventually I will lay them on the animal. Sessions end once the animal gets up, walks away or begins to fuss. Like human Reiki, animal Reiki helps to relieve physical pain, stress, and promote overall balance. It is also used to aid a pet's transition into the spirit world.

Rates and Services
Animal Reiki session prices vary by case
Human Reiki session $75.00 (Save 10% when you buy 4 sessions up front sessions can be split among families.)